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Caught Up in the Red Moon

Art   By
Yvonne Coleman Burney
    Original Collages  

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My artwork is designed on canvas, paper, and birch wood. 


Immerse yourself in the storytelling world of paper collage urban art.  All of the artwork tells some story of life which represents the unique style of street art.

With strong influences from Los Angeles culture of cluttered streets with torn billboard paper where remnants of thoughts, events, and people used to be.  Using stencils, handmade paper, paint, ink, and spray paint, these images of artwork uniquely combine human art forms with modern and sometimes vintage elements. The torn paper technique gives the work a dynamic street feel and connects you with the era in which the artist grew up.

My Collage Process

Everyday People - Mini Collection

More storytelling paper collages inspired by life and events that happen in everyday life.  This mini collection is the story of a few people who live in an isolated area of the city of Loveland in Northern Colorado a farming city.  The population in the location is a few thousand living a long way from the metro area, which has a large population which is a tourist spot.  These few are just ordinary everyday people we can relate to and might even know of in our own lives.  Enjoy!

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