Yvonne Painting


Thank you, for dropping  by and checking out my collection of work.  If you have any question please drop me a note and I will get right back to you soon as  I can.  I hope you enjoy the gallery.



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My Story

Yvonne also known as Choni, is a native of California,  a self-taught artist she is as flowing as the ocean breeze.  Her work and style revolves around women.  A US Veteran and black artist today, she pushes through the hurtles of finding her place and sharing her stories in her artwork as a creative woman.   


She’s known for her women in bloom collection, and her street art along with her revised work of fashion beauty and inspiration.  Coming from a graphic design background she combines a unique color palette of bold, electric colors which portrays her love for fashion, art, music and culture.


Each work, is a glimpse at a woman's feeling and emotions as they greet each day with inspiration and motivation to be there best while reminding them to stop and smell the flowers.

For Yvonne there is nothing better than creating each day. Her passion and love for digital and paper art, shows 

in each piece of work that  tell some sort of story.


Feel free to connect with me for any questions, concerns, or commission work you might have.