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Everyday People Mini Collection

More storytelling paper collages inspired by life and events that happen in everyday life.  This mini collection is the story of a few people who live in an isolated area of the city of Loveland in Northern Colorado a farming city.  The population in the location is a few thousand living a long way from the metro area, which has a large population which is a tourist spot.  These few are just ordinary everyday people we can relate to and might even know of in our own lives.  Enjoy!


Big John

Big John comes from 4 generations of blacksmiths it is all he has ever done. His shop is the only one for miles everyone knows and respects him as an honest hardworking man he still wears all the scars on his face from years of burns and cuts but that does not stop him or anyone else from patronizing him.


The size is 11 x 14 on a canvas panel framed and comes ready to hang. Will ship with signature and certificate of authenticity.

Big John


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